Hi! I am Vicky Cutler, an ergonomist who spends time in the wilds of the real world

I have spent 15 years as a professional ergonomist and human factors specialist, mostly in defence and aviation.  I use my understanding about how people think and behave to help them be better at their jobs and reduce the risk of accidents.  At work, I look at how people interact with large and complex systems, but then I come home and spend time in the wilds of the real world.

The real world for me is the UK, where I live with my partner and little boy (age 2).  I do all the standard stuff - drive a car, cook, travel, garden, shop.  Sometimes those things go super well, but sometimes they don’t work out as planned, or seem far more difficult than they should do.  When these things happen, I look at it through the lens of ergonomics, human factors, and psychology.

This blog is all about the design of objects, environments, and processes in the real world.  I want to share my passion for finding the good and bad design in everyday life, and in doing so spread the love of all things ergonomics and human factors. 

All the opinions expressed in this blog are my own (or suitably referenced to their originator).  The opinions do not necessarily reflect those of my current employer - Lockheed Martin.