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Design Classic: The Watering Can

Design Classic: The Watering Can

It was a while since I had talked about great simple designs, and as I start spending more time in the garden - it got me thinking about one of my favourites.

The watering can.

I don’t mean any watering can - I mean this classic of the garden.  

Watering can ergonomics

There are all kinds of watering can designs out there, many claiming ergonomic credentials, but this is the one that does it for me. 

As you would expect - the sizing is just perfect.  Big enough that you can water a good amount of the garden, but no so big that it becomes too heavy when full.

It has a simple adaptation for flexibility - the removable rose, meaning that you can control the flow rate to work more quickly or more slowly, or adapt to the demands of the plants that you are watering.

Watering can ergonomics 2

But the number one thing about it that I love are the two handles which work perfectly together.  A large handle at the top for carrying - as you would expect.  But the real beauty is the second one at the back which balances the watering can at the perfect angle for pouring. 

Watering can ergonomist 3

I also love the galvanised steel with copper trim meaning it will last for ever.  But it is that neat balance between the handles gives me a sense of joy every time I am watering the garden.  

All of these things come together to create a design that has been round for many many years, and I am sure will still be being used by gardeners for years to come. 

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